Learning A New Language

I started learning Dutch more than a year ago but recently I decided to take it seriously as I wanted to have a knowledge of the language once I move to the country where my boyfriend lives.

It’s fun to learn new language especially whenever I listen to some Dutch kids’ songs, It made me feel like I am in preschool again and that kinda feels funny and awkward, so I listen to using my headphones whenever I am not alone at home. Haha!

I also talked to some people who are studying the same language and we exchange some learning materials.

There’s this girl who I met through Reddit that is also in a long distance relationship with someone who lives in The Netherlands. That time when we started she is already in the process of getting a work visa, I think? I am not sure what visa specifically, but she told me she’s applying to be an Au pair in The Netherlands so she can also see her boyfriend. She hasn’t met this guy yet because their relationship started during the pandemic.

And I can feel she wants to do it, and she’s willing to go through the long stressful process to be with her partner even though she haven’t met this guy yet. She talked to me a lot about her boyfriend, that she’s never been this happy as she was in abusive relationship prior that.

The dedication she has with learning Dutch and really going through the process of getting a visa. It made me realize how love can make us do all of this. Imagine her life turned in a whole different direction after she met this guy?! I can totally relate with that one! LOL.

Anyway, if anyone here is currently learning Dutch or is Dutch, please give me some advice about learning the language.. Thank you in advance!

Okay okay..

I will go to sleep now, I’ll write again next time..

Tot ziens! ❤️

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  1. Hmm…I’m not exactly learning the language – but from what I’ve read, Dutch is one of the easier Germanic languages to learn. Not to mention that it’s a good starting block to learn Bahasa Indonesia from, as the latter borrows a lot of loanwords from the Dutch.

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