Kids or No Kids?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about having kids or what it feels like to start a family.

I mean, I’ve thought of it before but thought more of it recently.. I already have names picked for both genders, actually.

It makes my heart warm whenever I see cute babies, especially when they do adorable stupid things. I am also curious to know what a mini me looks like. To raise someone and watch them grow. Motherhood excites me because of that.

But are those really the right reasons to have a kid?

This question stuck in my head for a while that it made me think, what if I decide to not have a kid?

What will it be like?

I read stories about child-free life, stories of people who choose not to have kids and are still very much happy with their decision. I realized that being a mother is a choice, not a goal nor everyone’s dream as a woman.

I began to think about what my life would be like if I choose to not have a kid, the money that we could save and the struggles that I will not experience.

But those are not just the reasons I think about not having a kid.

Because just by seeing the state of our world is right now, the constant chaos everywhere.. It makes me think if it’s still right to bring a child into this world, are they going to be happy with our decision to bring them here?

What’s going to happen after 10 years? 20 years? 50 years? Is it going to be better or worse? What’s the quality of our life is going to be?

And with myself? Am I going to be physically, mentally and financially ready?

There’s a lot of things that needs to be considered before you make a decision, and in my opinion, these are some valid points that we should consider before having a child.

No child deserves to live in such an unhealthy life, they didn’t asked to be born in the first place.

Being child-free is not really something we often talk about, especially in my culture… So, I am sure that many people will judge me if I choose to lead that life.


Anyway, do you have any thoughts about this topic? I would love to read your opinion, but for now I am still not sure what I want.

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  1. Of late motherhood has been on my mind alot since I have about 6 years before I pass the recommended timeframe to have a baby. But the questions of am I ready to be a mother, can I really do this, always pop up.

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    1. Same for me. I am not sure when i will be prepared for it or if I will ever be prepared for it but I hope that I will come up with a decision one day.

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  2. Every women is different. For me, I knew it at 14 years old that I will be a mother. It’s like a calling. I didn’t rush into making babies, neither did I panicked when I crossed over 30.

    I had my daughter when I’m 37 and I love it because I made sure I was truly ready to be a mother, both mentally and financially.

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    1. Wow, thank you for sharing your insight. You’re right about being financially and emotionally ready, I think that’s one of the most important part. Thank you, Kally! ❤️

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