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Welcome to my blog! I recently decided to delete all my social media as a way of taking care of myself mentally as social media affected my health drastically. But I still wanted to have my own place where I can share things I like, share my thoughts etc. I’m not a professional writer or fluent in English, I’; still learning. If there’s any grammatical error just notify me. I hope that you find my blog useful in some way, feel free to share posts you find interesting. Also, if you have recommendations just write it down on comment section or just contact me! Thank you! 🙂

Email me: thesharedjournalblog@gmail.com


  1. Hello,
    I totally understand your decision to quit social media. I did it too around a year ago and never looked back. There is a great thing in Pinterest or Goodreads, but I did not see the point in Instagram or Facebook anymore. A blog is so much more fun and connections with other bloggers so much deeper in my opinion. 🙂

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    1. Hi Camille! I agree! I didn’t know how bad social media has affected my life until I deleted my accounts from there, I felt so much better after. I’m happy that I decided to start my blog. Here, you can share a lot of your opinions and you’re also surrounded by great people. I am happy that you’re one of them. Thank you for dropping by! ♡

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