Social Media Decluttering: 5 Tips to Protect & Minimize Your Digital Footprint

As someone whose life changed after quitting social media, it became my goal to spread awareness on how social media can be dangerous if not used properly. Social media can affect both our health and our security. And with how fast time changes because of all the advances in technology, to gain online information is no longer a difficult thing to do, with just a few clicks away every information that you have online will be available for someone.

I know I can’t convince all of you to quit social media. That’s your life. You do you. I don’t want to be that kind of person who pushes my belief to someone, id like to remain open-minded with what people want in their life.

Based on the data I got from roughly 3.6 billion people were using social media in 2020, and they expect it to increase up to 4.41 billion people around 2025.. That’s a lot!

Many people sign up on different social media apps/websites each day, some use it for work/business, to express opinions, to communicate but most of us use it for leisure or entertainment, this means that there are more information out there available and, this also means that we can be a target of any online harassment.

Today’s blog is all about. I want to teach you how to declutter and just cautious about what kind of people you’re letting in your social media circle. This post will give you tips on how you can achieve healthier mind and secured life while still using social media.

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1. Unfriend

I remember the time; I think it was back in high school when the number of your friends on Facebook determines your social status. So, it became a contest.. everyone was just adding every profile they see on Facebook. Doesn’t matter if you know them, because that will help boost your popularity. I had 3000+ on my friend list and felt jealous on people who had 5000+ friends,

Then one day, I was scrolling on my Facebook timeline, and saw a lot of posts by unfamiliar people on my timeline, it’s just a lot that I couldn’t read everything. It was a big mess, that moment it felt like something just hit me head and made me realized how invested I was on Facebook and how it was affecting my mental health, I also realised how easier it was for people to get my online information.

Imagine, I had 4000+ people on my friends list that time whom I gave access on my online information, that’s crazy! I decided I will remove people on my friends list; I think i ended up with 300 Facebook friends before I eventually deleted my Facebook account..

2. Unfollow

The people you follow on your social media also affect your mood, I think most of us know that already. There’s a lot of online profiles out there who posts extremely unrealistic posts. We often end up comparing yourself to this person who has this “perfect” body or face, we don’t even notice how much it’s affecting us until it’s too late and it has already taken a toll in our life. I think it’s also important to learn how to identify if what we see is real or fake.


If you have a social media that has a follow option, I strongly suggest to only follow pages who inspire you and helps you grow as a person, avoid following people who make you feel less or not enough.

Be kind to yourself.

Fact: Do you know that there are websites out there that let you search and view any public Instagram profile without needing to make an Instagram account? Yep, that true! Just search for these keywords: Instagram viewer, IG stories viewers or any keywords related to that, and you’ll find those websites I am talking about.

3. Unsubscribe

This is something I did 3 months ago, I was on YouTube just looking for something funny to watch when I notice that I keep on seeing videos by people who I don’t know on my subscription timeline and I don’t find their content anything helpful, most of them are just clickbait videos or sometimes I subscribed to them because they used to make high quality content.

My entire YouTube page was full of clickbait videos. so I started unsubscribing to every profile who’s content doesn’t interest me, and I can say that my Youtube experience is now much better. I still see videos like that from time to time but I think I can’t really avoid them because it’s Youtube, they have their own ways to make a random video magically appear on your Youtube page. (LOL!)

4. Set it in private!

I believe that this is something we should all do, this is the first step to protect ourselves. And with the amount of information we put on our social media, we should also be cautious about who we give access on our information. It’s so easy to find information about someone nowadays when your social media is not on private mode. That’s your profile, you decide what you post, but I just hope that you’re being mindful.

5. Delete unnecessary posts

I also recommend this one. Personally, I am not contented with just setting up my account on private mode. I also prefer to just delete unnecessary stuff on my profile just to limit my digital footprints. This is something that you can do too.

As I said on my previous blogs, I don’t force you to do this. Quitting social media is obviously not for everyone but being responsible and cautious about what kind of information we put out there, what kind of information you absorb, what kind of people you let in your social media world is a step to a healthier life.

Your diet is not only what you eat. It is what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang around. Be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually and physically.

– Anonymous

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Overcoming Stressful Times

I lost my memory for two days.

This happened few weeks ago, I realised it when my Mom asked me what time are we going to my sister’s place because it’s Friday and we always spend our weekends at my sister’s place. I thought my Mom was just joking around that time and I got a bit annoyed because it was early in the morning and I have work; It’s not the best time to make a joke. But then she told me she’s serious, and I had to look on my phone calendar to confirm, and yes, it is Friday. And I can’t believe it.

How come it’s Friday already? In my mind, it’s only Wednesday. I can’t remember what happened on the previous days.

It shocked me. How is that possible? I remember going to sleep the night before and thinking oh it’s going to be Wednesday tomorrow. It was so strange because I remember what I did on Monday that week then Tuesday which was actually Thursday. So, what happened on Tuesday and Wednesday?

The entire experience was so bizarre to me, I didn’t think it’s possible. For me, it was something that only happens in movies, I thought I knew what is happening but here I am.

I did some research to know why it happened, what was that experience all about.. then I found this:

Stress is a potent modulator of brain structure, brain function, and cognition. Although not all types of stress are deleterious to memory function, there are many instances in which stress (both acute and chronic) interferes with explicit types of memory, both in humans and animals (Figure 12.7). Stress hormones are also strong modulators of brain development, and excessive stress experienced at certain time windows of vulnerability during life can profoundly affect cognitive function at later stages, with a particular impact on cognitive aging.

In fact, exposure to chronic stress seems to recapitulate cognitive deficits observed at aging, as well as accelerating the decline in memory function that characterizes senescence.

Sandi C. Memory Impairments Associated with Stress and Aging. In: Bermúdez-Rattoni F, editor. Neural Plasticity and Memory: From Genes to Brain Imaging. Boca Raton (FL): CRC Press/Taylor & Francis; 2007. Chapter 12. Available from:

Stress. It was the stress that caused this. The article explained that stress can cause memory loss and if not reduce it is possible worsen as we age.

I wasn’t in my best state when it happened.. A lot of things have been going on with my personal life that I might share in my future posts. And all I did was to worry about it. From the moment I wake up and before I go to bed, I kept on thinking and stressing about so many things.

I try my very best to not get affected by what’s happening around me, the things I don’t have control but sometimes it gets you. I’ve written blogs related to mental health but I’m not perfect, I have my moments too but I try to learn from that to become a better person.

Since that day, I am cautious about everything. Starting on what is the current time and date, what day already, and where I left my things. I started practicing on how to organise my thoughts so it won’t get confusing for me; I assigned places where I should only put my stuff. Working or just simply doing a task, I try not to have so many thoughts to help me focus.

One thing that helps me is journaling. I mentioned this on my previous post— about how it helps me to just write down my thoughts.

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I found an idea on Pinterest, it’s like a daily check up for your physical and emotional state. The idea is quite interesting and I find it useful as it gives me an overview of my overall health (not official diagnosis ofc!). It was surprising for me to see the state of my health, it’s so different when you see it written on a piece of paper than just letting the day go by and hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

Journaling Idea (not my photo)

Yesterday I was talking to my friend on WhatsApp, just catching up and checking each other. Then we went on talking about how it’s already -Ber months, which is quite a big deal in our country because that means Christmas Season has already started. Then I admitted to her that I’m not excited at all. I mean, to be honest.. I stopped feeling excited about Christmas when I started adulthood, but this year is so much different.

Before, we have memories on what we did for the previous month.

“Last May, we went to this beach. And had fun watching the sunset.”

“June, we started our classes and it was a rainy month.”

“August, almost Ber! Time to do Christmas shopping!”

But now. It feels like we’re stuck in March. I don’t have memories of what I did from the previous months, and it made me sad.

A lot of awful things is happening in the world right now, which what makes everything so hard for me. Its difficult to stay positive when there are disasters after disasters.

There was a Reddit post, the user talked about how he loves this year because of how unpredictable and interesting it is.. It’s so different from his boring/repetitive routine before.

The post made me feel safe in weird way.

Human’s ability to withstand difficulties in life and see the good in every situation even if it’s the most unfortunate one is fascinating. This kind of mindset gives me hope that we will be okay. That there will be an end for all of this.

We will survive this pandemic.

(featured photo taken by my boyfriend ♥ )

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4 Words To Live By

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you’re all safe and sound.

Wrong. Sorry. Listen. No.

These are not just random words. These are four words that helped me a lot on my journey to self improvement, and I do think it’s so important to apply this on our daily life.

1. Wrong.

Nobody is perfect. You can be wrong even in the time that you felt you’re doing it right. It’s difficult to admit it, but let me tell you.. To admit that you’re wrong is one of the bravest and most mature thing a person can do. There’s two types of this 1. People admit they’re wrong just to satisfy the other person or to shut up the other person and 2. people who admit they’re wrong and then ask you what can they do to avoid this.

It took me years.

At first, whenever people tell me I’m wrong, I just respond to them with “Okay. You’re right.. whatever” and still have a hard feeling about it after. But now, I appreciate when people tell me I’m wrong because it makes me feel that they care for me so much that they don’t want me to look stupid next time.

2. Sorry

Once you accepted that you can be wrong then learn how to say sorry. I remember a quote, it was like “If everything can be fix with a sorry then why do we need laws or police? Lets all just say sorry instead.” I used. I practiced. I believed in this quote for a very long time. I rarely say sorry. I think I only say it to someone who has more authority, like a teacher. But I don’t use it to my friends, classmates or strangers. I didn’t think they deserve it.

But I realised how toxic that is. It didn’t help me grow as a person, I feel like I’m above of everyone else because I’m so cool I don’t use sorry and that is so wrong even though it’s not true.

The time I started to recognise that I could be wrong was also the time I started to learn on how to say sorry. It wasn’t so hard than I thought it would be to be honest.

3. Listen

Learn to listen. Try to listen first before you talk. I also struggled with this because I always have an opinion about things. I enjoy telling people what I think if it’s a topic I am so attached with. It’s hard for me to listen because I have so many things I want to say.

One day I was scrolling on Reddit when I came crossed on this post, then it hit me. It was an eye opener for me, that time it feels like the quote was talking to me because I was the type of person the quote was talking about. So, I taught myself to talk less and listen more.

“You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. True power is sitting back and observing everything with logic. If words control you that means everyone else can control you. Breathe and allow things to pass.”

– Anonymous

When I started applying this on my daily life. It was so surprising to hear people talk and express their opinion because before all I hear was myself. I don’t think I even remember how they sound like. Now, I only talk whenever it feels like I need to. I try my best to listen and analyse what the other person told me before I give my reaction. It’s been helpful for me so for. I learned to choose my battles because of this.

4. No

Two letters, but a powerful word.

Most people always have a hard time saying no on every occasion. For example, saying no to an invitation appears rude or to a favour. It’s hard when the person asking you this or who put you in the spot is someone close to you.

This is an attitude that I used to have. I can’t tell you all the difficulties I had to go through just because I didn’t say no.

“Can you do our group presentation? I’ll give you money as my contribution instead.” Even if im already tired – YES.

“Are you free this weekend? I want to go to this place,” Even if I still have homeworks to do- YES.

“Can you please let me copy your homework?” Even if I worked so hard to finish it myself- YES.

This kind of attitude was exhausting. It made me feel weak. That time I just tell myself that I am a good person that’s why they treat me like that or that they will have their own karma one day.

It took me long to realise that those events happened to me because I allowed it. I am also the one to blame why I had to experience that.

So, I started teaching myself how to say no. I made myself my number one priority. I don’t mind helping anyone or doing someone a favour as long as -its reasonable and it doesn’t compromise my schedule.

These practices might seem so hard to apply at first, but I think it’s the most basic thing a person should learn. If you haven’t learned this yet, then it’ll be hard for you to go on to the next step.

Remember: You’re a human. You’re designed to have feelings and to acknowledge that is not a weakness.

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Is It Time For You To Quit Social Media? (Collaboration)

(Please read 5 Benefits Of Quitting Social Media by after reading this.)

I wrote a post before about Why I Quit Social Media, which is a very personal topic to me. Today, I will talk more about it once more. This is also a collaboration with Camille of

If you do not know yet, both of us no longer have a social media account, and for our first collaboration we wrote about a topic that the two of us can relate with. Please read her post after reading mine.

Social media has been an enormous part of our everyday routine, this is the reason why many people are so attached on their social media accounts. When you use social media, you give them access with your personal information but what we do not realise is it can also access our emotions, health, productivity if not properly used.

So, when is the time for you to quit?

1. If you spend more time on your social media than in real life

Social media is fun, but if you devote most of your time on your phone, then that’s the time a problem will arise. It’s important to balance everything in our life, including social media use. Life has so much more to offer than a phone.

2. If everything becomes so overwhelming already.

Perfect example for this is the current pandemic. I’ve seen a lot of fake news, misleading theories about this online and it’s so overwhelming which can also give you paranoia. This is one reason I deleted all my social media accounts, At first I unfriended everyone who took part in this kind of activity but then I noticed that I no longer have anyone on my friends list so what’s the point, right? It also made me realise how toxic my online environment.

3. If the likes or comments you receive online affect your mood.

YES. Back when I still use my social media accounts, it always takes me long to make a post on Instagram. I wanted it to look perfect, but most of the time it gets less attention than I expected, which disappoints me. I feel awful whenever that happens. My mood changes and I feel terrible. I always need a validation from every post I make.

4. If you always push back what you’re scheduled because you’re too distracted with your phone.

We also know this as procrastinating. I do this a lot before; I spend so much time with my phone and ignore my schedule which I regret; I wish I just used my time on more important things.

5. If you have developed a Fear Of Missing Out.

People who developed an attachment to social media can experience FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out, this behaviour makes a person want to check their media every time to see what’s the trend, it makes us feel included. This is one of the top reason why some people who quit ended up going back. Because they’re afraid to miss out anything.

Overall, I can say from my personal experience that leaving social media improved my life drastically, its one of the best decision I made. But this doesn’t mean that everything about social media is bad already, some people use it for their work or just to communicate. That is a very good way to use social media, but if you start to notice anything that I mentioned above, maybe it’s time to consider whether its still good for you. I believe that social media is a useful tool but I don’t think it’s for everyone.

I know, quitting social media sounds really tough and it’s a big decision for most of us but it also has it’s own benefits which you can read here!

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Social Media Stalking: An Internet Normal

Social media has normalized the kind of behavior that would have been called stalking in any previous era.

Keza MacDonald

Oh, the advances of technology give us the opportunity to dig into someone’s online information. It’s fun, right? The excitement whenever we scroll down on their profile slowly but surely to avoid doing anything that would make them aware of what you’re doing.

This is a trend on social media, someone who barely have personal interaction with a person, yet knows a lot of information about them. Some think it’s cool. Some thinks it’s normal. Most people thinks it’s funny.

But this has limits. You need to be aware when this kind of behavior gets unhealthy and creepy.

Let me tell you a story just to give you an example.

I have a friend. She got into a relationship, then she started a behavior where she became too obsessed with his ex girlfriend. She made an account purely for stalking her. When she told me about this, I advise her to stop this madness because it’s not really a healthy attitude as I noticed that all she talk about is her boyfriend’s ex.. I tried for so many times. She eventually admit that it’s an addicting habit. She felt powerful as she can do whatever she wants behind an anonymous profile.

I will not lie, I’ve also done these things before.

But can you really call that power? Or more like.. who really got the power here?

Come to think of it…

She made an account. Spent hours scrolling on her social media accounts, leaving hateful comments from time to time. This habit has taken most of her time.

If you you think you’re a victim of this but not quite sure, try to draw a pie chart. Divide it into 24 parts representing 24 hrs a day. Shade the number of hours you spend on social media stalking profiles.

How’s the result?

Individuals compare themselves to others in their environment (including mediated environments) for purposes of self-evaluation, self-improvement, and self-enhancement. – Wood, 1989

I’m not saying checking someone’s profile is already classified as stalking, Let’s say someone sent you a request and you want to see if the account is legitimate, check their profile. Checking someone’s profile for the sole purpose of verifying its authenticity is not stalking. You have the right to see what kind of individual you’ll give access on your online profile.

Social media stalking is a whole another level of unhealthy habit, In my viewpoint this type of attitude is currently “socially accepted” and that needs to change.

A study revealed how social media stalking affects our personality, they presented the following highlights:

  • We tracked social network site browsing after inducing negative or positive mood.
  • The site featured upward or downward social comparison targets on two dimensions
  • Negative moods led to less upward and more downward social comparison exposure.
  • Mood effect appeared for both career success and physical appearance comparisons.
  • Results suggest online social comparisons facilitate mood management.

What can you do to break this behavior?

From my experience, just being aware of how this practice impacts your life negatively is already helpful.

Below is a list of few behavior that could be related to social media stalking that you need to keep in mind:

1. Whenever you see people having fun online, you feel resentful, yet you can’t stop yourself from visiting their profile.

2. You become so agitated whenever you try to find an information about this person but unsuccessful.

3. You waste almost half of your day scrolling on their online profile.

4. You try to find every social media they have online

5. You always have a negative reaction/opinion on every post they make.

Are you experiencing any of this?

If you recognize yourself in this position, I suggest you to stop. Spending your time stalking online is a waste of energy.. You’ll lose a lot but gain nothing.

Yes, it can be hard to pull yourself if you have already fallen into this situation. I know that from experience but you need to do it! Otherwise, you’ll get stuck there and you will continue feeling miserable. Trust me you do not want that to happen. And whenever you find yourself wanting to do that again, ask yourself this: IS IT WORTH IT?

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Self-Pity: How It Can Take Over Your Life

Tragedies are part of our life whether we like it or not and to feel unhappy about it is a normal response. People are actually encouraged to express their emotions because that’s rather healthy than keeping it inside.

The problem arises once you started dwelling on that feeling. That certain emotion will slowly consume us until there’s nothing left but self-pity.

Self-pity is defined as:

“excessive, self-absorbed unhappiness over one’s own troubles”.

Self-pity is an unhealthy attitude that could lead to serious damage to our life. But why people still do it? Why is it so addicting?

Self-pity acts like a pseudo-protection on a person. It gives us an excuse to get away from our responsibilities instead of dealing with. We use it as a reason why we’re unable to work. A menacing attitude that disables us to discover our full potential since we have already set limitations for ourselves in the first place, it’s a result of our focus on things we cannot do.

Feeling sorry for ourselves would stop us from being productive and will delay our growth as a person. People who experience this think their life is over after an unfortunate event. Self-pity is not a healthy mindset, and nothing good comes from it. It’s a waste of time to dwell on things that are already in the past.

But how would you know if you have already fallen into this trap?

Here’s a checklist from the book called 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin, LCSW that will help you distinguish whether you’re already in the pit:

a self pity checklist from 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin, LCSW

How’re your answers? Have you ever been in any of this situation?

To explain this further, I’ll give you an example, Diane had an accident that left her with no arms and legs. Her parents wanted to protect her. They’re worried about the hardship their daughter will face outside. She stayed at home most of the time. They didn’t make her do anything at home because they’re afraid that it’ll be too much for Diane.  Diane felt bad and her self-esteem dropped. It also didn’t help that when some of her friends came to visit, all she heard was how unfortunate what happened to her. Diane felt worse and thought there’s no future for her, so she stopped trying to live. She thinks having no arms and legs is a hindrance to achieving great things in life.

Diane felt sorry for herself because of how people treat her now, although they didn’t do that on purpose. Instead of focusing on what the accident did to her, it’s better to make her feel she is more than her disabilities. Her parents should let her interact with people. Her friends could just tell her how happy they’re that she’s alive and well.

A research study entitled Self‐Pity: Exploring the Links to Personality, Control Beliefs, and Anger  by Joachim Stöber measured the personality, control beliefs, anger, loneliness, and adult attachment of  students in relation with self-pity and it revealed the following results:

  • With respect to personality, results showed strong associations of self‐pity with neuroticism, particularly with the depression facet.
  • With respect to control beliefs, individuals high in self‐pity showed generalized externalize beliefs, seeing themselves as controlled by both chance and powerful others.
  • With respect to anger expression, self‐pity was primarily related to anger‐in. Strong connections with anger rumination were also found.

What can you do to stop it?

There are a lot of things you can do to replace self-pity with positive thoughts. Some of them are:

1. Being Productive

Do things! Maybe clean your room or run some errands. Being occupied with other things will give no space for self-pity and once you finish those tasks, you will felt good about yourself and that is an excellent start.

2. Daily Affirmation

Instead of thinking of happened in your past, look for the good things that are happening in your life RIGHT NOW and the things you look forward to. Try to write it down and read that list whenever you’re feeling bad again. Always remember to be nice to yourself.

3. Always Ask Yourself Why You’re Doing This

Reminding yourself from time to time why you’re doing this will help you keep on track on your goal to be the best version of yourself.

4. Be Rational

Evaluate the situation first before you come up with a reaction. Take a moment.. breathe in and breathe out… We tend to exaggerate a lot of unfortunate situations until we feel frustrated and that will lead to self-pity.

5. Find Your Purpose

I know that finding your purpose in life takes time, but you could start by being more involved in your community or volunteering or just anything that makes your heart feel satisfied.

6. Free Yourself From Toxic People

You don’t need an environment full of people who will only make you feel bad for yourself. Don’t be afraid to cut your relationship from them. Surrounding yourself with only people who care about you will help you see the true value of yourself.

7. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

.. because what’s the point? Does comparing yourself to others help you in any way? Doing this will only make you feel worse about yourself, so stop it. Remind yourself that each one of us has their own journey. This is not a competition.

8. Ask For Professional Help

If you still feel awful after doing all of this, I encourage you to talk to an expert on this field like a therapist. There’s nothing wrong about asking for help. And there’s a lot of possible ways to get in-touch with one of them, either online or in personal. They’re all willing to help you so please let them.

To summarize this, self-pity only starts if you stop taking control of your life, but it’s not too late to change things. A positive approach will give us a healthier mindset and will invite a lot of wonderful opportunities. Remember, it’s okay to not be fine, but it’s never okay to feel that way for a lengthy period. Always strive to be the best version of yourself!

There are a hundred ways to overcome an obstacle and one sure way not to—self‐pity.

– Dale Dauten, columnist

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#ShortBlogs: Where Are We On Mental Health?

I think one of the good things that happened while we’re in quarantine is that people became more aware and open when it comes to Mental Health. I’ve seen a lot of Mental Health Awareness relatedposts these past few months and for me, that is a good start.

I mean, living in a country where Mental Health is still treated as a taboo, I know what it feels like when people ignore what you feel or just tell you that you’re just being dramatic whenever you try to open up with them. It makes me so happy to see that more people are becoming more involved in this subject. And my hope is that even after this pandemic, people will still continue what they already started so that no one will ever feel alone again.

I also have my Mental Health Awareness page on my blog. Feel free to visit it. 🙂

Thank you for reading. 💗

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Why I Quit Social Media

Social Media.

It started 4 years ago when I deleted my Twitter account. It was kinda hard for me because I really treasured that account as I have few tweets where I recieved replies from people I idolized. I had followers which is not a lot but it still made me feel good in some way. It’s on Twitter where I first knew about My Chemical Romance’s disbandment, the bands that I really like that time. Ahhh… memories…

But as I stayed longer, I got more attached to it. I was so dedicated posting “cool stuffs”.. Then I eventually felt so conscious about everything I post there which some people think is good, right? Like “think before you click” kind of thing.

But that’s not the case with me. I started having thoughts like “What if no one will agree with me?”, “What if i have grammar mistakes?”, “What if i receive hates from my tweets?” “How come I’m not gaining followers?” “Does no one likes me?” “What if someone is stalking me?”.

I invested so much time having that kind of thoughts, that’s when I realized that it’s time to stop, Twitter does really nothing good to me.

I still remember day when I finally decided to delete my account. It actually felt so weird but liberating at the same time. It’s like freedom. After that, I never wanted to have an account again.

Well, few months ago, I left Instagram and just weeks ago I did the same thing on Facebook.

Using those Apps feels good at first but that was before, when I was still young. When I see those Apps just for entertainment.

Now, I’m already in a different stage of my life and seeing what my friends do with their life didn’t make me feel good in fact it just made me feel like I’m a total loser and it’s not their fault that I felt that way. Trying to get you “shit” together is now joke at all.

I remember when I was still young, I always wish to be old already… In that way I’ll be allowed to do so much stuff, but now that I’m almost 23 years old.. I wish to go back on being a child… Funny, right? *sighs*

I also started to feel so uncomfortable posting personal photos online or sharing my thoughts or opinions.. It’s funny that the main slogan of those apps is to connect with the world yet I feel disconnected even with myself. Its like there’s a Social Media standard when it comes to posting stuff, and I don’t fit on that standard.

So, I quit.

But as I still wanted to have my own platform, where I can do whatever I want without caring so much about what other people thinks about me. I want to have a place where I can express my trueself.. So, I decided to start my blog.

To be honest, I feel happier now, I feel more confident, I feel like I have more control with my life now.

And I think I made the right decision. 🙂

In the end, my advice would be if in any way you feel that what you’re doing is not making you feel good, you don’t feel like you’re growing as a person, it feels so unhealthy already.. Then quit. Our lifespan is so unpredictable for doing things you don’t really like. Life is just full of bad and good surprises. It may seem like a generic advice but it is what it is. Use your time wisely, Invest your feelings to the right person/situation.

Make yourself a priority!

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Things You Can Do During Quarantine/Lockdown

While ECQ is still ongoing, well atleast in our country.. It sucks that I have no choice but to stay at home. Of course, I really understand why it’s necessary but I’m also worried about how it will impact my mental health. So, I decided to use this ECQ as an opportunity to do things I’ve always wanted to do or just try new stuff just to keep my mind occupied.

Below is a list of things that keeps me busy during ECQ that I also encourage you to try!

1. Workout or Exercise

Working out has always been something that I really want to be consistent with, I’ve only been to a gym once and never went back as it was too far from home. That’s when I decided to start working out at home instead.

First, I looked for Apps that I can use. I installed an app called Women Workout at Home – Female Fitness, I really recommend this one as they have different sets of exercises that is focused on different parts of your body.

Of course, there are still times when I’m not feeling it.. But when ECQ started it made me focus on working out more because now I have plenty of time to do it. It wasn’t easy at first but when you’re stuck in one place you just look for anything that you can do when you’re bored and working out is one of the things that comes up in my mind! Haha!

2. Digital Coloring

I’m not good when it comes to drawing, maybe just art in general. I really suck when it comes to it but I still like colorful things. I found this app on Google Play while looking for free digital coloring books ( I know, it sounds so child-ish! But i’m bored okay?!) its called Garden Coloring Book. They provide different kinds of drawing, they also have various styles of brushes and wide selection of colors that you can use. I use this app whenever I wanna relax, it’s so easy to use and it’s always so satisfying to see the result.

I always feel like I accomplish something whenever I finish coloring my work there. LOL

You will find some of my finished work on my homepage, just scroll down. 🙂

3. Reading

I used to love reading, it was something that I genuinely enjoy but when my last 2 years in university started, Schoolworks started to consume all my energy and I barely have time for myself. It also didnt help the fact that my program requires us to read a lot of medical books. So, it didnt really interest me anymore to read anything during my free time as it feels like a chore whenever I think about it.

Now that I have so much time in my hand, I thought about going back to reading, I miss the feeling of being so interested in a book, staying up all night for the sake of finishing it because I couldnt wait to know how it’s gonna end.

So… I finally started reading again, right now I’m reading 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin. I initially chose this book because I really want to improve my mental health and so far it’s good, I realize a lot of things while reading this book and it also made me aware of stuff that I do that doesn’t really help my mental health.

Do you have any book that you want to recommend? Feel free to write it on the comment section! 🙂

Next book that I’m planning to read is The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, my brother actually recommended this to me and I saw a lot of good reviews about it that’s why I’m really looking forward on reading this book!

4. Gardening

I’M A NATURE LOVER. I can’t express enough how much I love nature, just being in a place that has lots of trees, feeling the gentle breeze, sitting on the grass, watching the sunrise or sunset.. everything about nature to be honest.

Gardening something that I really enjoy. I think it’s in our blood because my Grandma and Mom has a green thumb and growing up our house has always been known for having so much plants. Our neighbor’s way of identifying our house is through the plants that surrounds our home. Whenever someone is looking for our house, our neighbors would tell that person ” Just look for the house that is full of plants.” LOL.

Few days ago, our family decided to clean or rebuild our garden, we already have plants but we wanted more so we decided to plant more vegetables and flowers like Pumpkin, Garlic, Onion, Calamansi, Lemon, Green Peppers, Green Beans, Rambutan, Okra etc. I feel like this activity is also our bonding as a family, made planting more meaningful. 🙂

5. Sewing

I don’t know why but I’m so obsessed on DIY clothes, it amazes me how old clothes can be transformed into something new after some sewing. It made me want to learn how to sew.

So, my grandma bought a mini sewing machine before and she barely uses it. I thought I could borrow it so I can start learning how to sew.

It wasn’t easy to be honest! It was so frustrating but I did my best to be patient and with my Mom’s help ( she actually took a course for sewing before) I am now able to sew some basic stuff, I’m not a pro yet.. But now I can definitely fix my clothes and make some easy DIY clothes.

I found a YouTube Channel called Made To Sew, she made a playlist for beginners. I really recommend to check it out if you wanna learn how to sew because her videos helped me a lot! 🙂

6. Crocheting

Crocheting is also something that I’ve always wanted to try, but the materials that you need for it is so expensive and you rarely find a physical store that actually sells the materials in our city, so I kinda put that dream aside but the boredom that is caused by ECQ made me want to really do it this time.

I searched online if there’s any way I can still learn how to crochet without hook which is very important. Then I found out that hand crocheting is a thing!

Wow! That’s sounds so nice I thought.. but I remember I don’t have a yarn tho..

Well, there’s no need to worry about that because you can still make a yarn using your old shirt. I found this YouTube video that shows how you can make a yarn out of your old shirt! I’m really happy that I found these methods that gave me a chance to start learning how to crochet.

BTW, I already found a shirt that I can use for this project and soon I will show you the final result!

7. Meditation

Meditating is also something that you can do during ECQ. I personally do this whenever I feel so overwhelmed about the current situation. It’s actually a good practice for a healthier mind, all you need is a quiet place where you can really focus on your meditation.

There’s a lot of Youtube videos or apps about meditation but I personally use an app called Sleepa, here they provide different nature sounds that you can mix and adjust on your liking. I really like this app because as I said earlier, I love nature! This app just makes me feel like I’m in a forest and that really makes me feel more relaxed.

That’s it!

I hope that you find this post helpful. If you have anything you wanna recommend or just anything you wanna share that is related on this post, just write it on the comment section!

Stay safe and healthy!! 🙂

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