Documentaries: Our Window To The Real World

I am a huge fan of documentaries.

I started writing a post about it a few months ago, and for some reason I wasn’t able to finish writing and the post just ended up as a draft.

Yesterday, I was binge watching documentaries from the YouTube Channels called Unreported World and Refinery29. I felt so inspired after watching that I decided to finish this post.. So, here we are.

My interest in watching documentaries started when I was in grade school. My class starts at 6:30 am and I get up around 3:30 am, I will turn on the television after taking a cold shower and start watching documentaries on our local channels. I loved it. I enjoyed every minute I spent watching documentaries. It one thing I always look forward to once I wake up.

For me, documentaries are like my window to see the reality of this giant flawed place we live in, It’s so fascinating how there are so much things going on in this world that I don’t know. There’s a lot of practices or traditions that are still present that I thought have already vanished for a long time now, which I find interesting. It’s crazy most of the time.

Photo by Riya Kumari on

The thing about documentaries is they try to show you the world as real as possible, most of the time you will see the struggles/challenges they had to go through just to provide a quality film.

It’s so amazing how documentaries—a video that lasts less than an hour, inspires you to become a better person and have this desire to make this world a better place. I learn a lot of things just by watching and the message they send always leave a tremendous impact on my well-being.

It’s so far from the movies or series that use special effects or high tech cameras. Documentaries don’t have script; they don’t know what waits for them or what will happen to them while they’re filming. Not every documentary is a success, and their life is at stake most of the time.

I like other forms of media, but documentary will always have a special place in my heart. Their dedication to provide information to the public is just one thing I admire.

I don’t have my favourite genre, but today I will share with you some documentaries I think you’ll find interesting, I hope that you’ll like it.


The Western States 100 

China’s Gay Shock Therapy

Uncontacted Tribe

Siberia’s Next Supermodel

Wild Amazon

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Are You Now A Plant Person?

I grew up in a home full of plants, planting has always been part of my life. We have a variety of flowers, vegetables, trees around our house. I mentioned on my blog before how people can find our house because of the amount of plants we have at home. It became our house’s identity.

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Seeing gardening/planting has been becoming a trend now because it’s a hobby that you can do at home makes me happy. Finally.. more people are appreciating our nature. I think one of the good things this pandemic has given to us is the time to reconnect ourselves to nature and appreciate its importance.

While I’m thrilled about this trend, I just have some things I want to say for all the people who started this hobby or planning to.

Please take it seriously.

I’ve encountered many people who buy plants because of how it gives an aesthetic vibe on their space, how it makes their house look so beautiful. It’s true. Plants make the space look nicer and refreshing, it helps you to clear your mind. Gardening/planting can also be meditation for some. There are also a lot of benefits that you will get once you plant, that’s why it’s an enjoyable hobby.

Starting this hobby has responsibilities that comes with it.

Photo by cottonbro on

Responsibility? Yes.

Plants are a living thing, they need water and nutrients to live. They have feelings too (might sound a little crazy), they will bloom and grow if you treat them right. They get sick, if you disserve them. So, yes.. there’s a responsibility here.

Some people treat them as a decoration for their home. While I’m not against that, I want to remind you they’re a living thing that needs your care and attention.

Let me be clear, this is more about the most common plants found inside our home. I think it’s different when you’re planting vegetables because once you plant vegetables or anything that you can eat, a person knows that it takes time to see the result. And to get a result you need to give lots of patience, care for the plant alone.

I don’t care how many plants you buy or place inside your home; I care about your long-term plan with taking care of them.

There are different plants if you will only do your research that could match your lifestyle. Are you busy most of the time? or maybe you’re at home most of the time? Are you committed enough? Are you ready for this additional responsibility? Those are a few questions you need to ask your self first. These are just one of the things we need to consider before we start our gardening hobby.

Below is a list of low maintenance plants that are also my personal favourites, these types of plants don’t require so much of your attention as they just need water once in a while. Perfect for beginners!


Photo by Madison Inouye on

Snake Plant

Photo by ehsan ahmadnejad on

ZZ Plant




Peace Lily


It’s not too much to ask to do a research, gathering information should always be the first step anyway.

I hope I didn’t sound aggressive on this post. I wrote this to put a message out there, for people to become more informed about this.

Happy planting!

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The Beauty of Online Learning

When Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) was first implemented in our country. I spent the first few days just contemplating, wasting my time getting worried, freaking out and having a lot a bad thought. It was awful.

The time I could finally gather my thought and see things in other perspective. I realised that it will be a long time before things will go back to normal again and because of that I need to keep myself busy for the sake of my sanity.. So, why not use this as an opportunity to spend more time getting to know myself, right?

Photo by Edward Jenner on

For this I decided that I will dedicate my free time doing things I enjoy, so for the past few months I’ve been spending my time learning different skills or hobbies that I’ve always wanted to learn for a very long time, this is also while waiting for my job to start. I was so thrilled to discover the world of online classes, while scrolling on a website just looking through their available courses, I just can’t help but feel excited— I am excited to learn.

If you do not know yet, I am interested in nature and wildlife— everything about this topic fascinates me and I feel like it’s also our responsibility to learn how to take care of them because we need each other to be alive. So, I started taking online classes related to nature and im enjoying it so far! Today I am sharing with you a few websites that I found that provide free online courses, I hope that you can use this to learn new things!


EdX is one of the most popular free online learning website out there. All courses are free but only a few of them have a free digital certificate as you have to pay for most of them, but it’s still helpful because most of the courses are from respective universities. The fact that they have an app is also very convenient.


It’s the same for this website. Recently, they announced they’re giving free certificates for some courses until the end of the year because of the effect of COVID-19 on education. I am currently taking some courses on their website. They also have an app that has a feature where you can download your courses so you can still watch it offline, which is a great thing for me as we have a slow internet connection most of the time (yes, it sucks.) List of free courses is here.


What I love from this website is how active their online discussion and the courses they offer were all interesting. They also have short courses for anyone who is still testing the waters with online learning. The disadvantage for me is you can only take their classes on their website as they don’t have an app yet,


They have online courses and they also have a dashboard that lets you see your overall performances. All their courses are 100% free but you need to pay for the digital certificate, no worries though a they have a list of courses where they provide free digital certificates.

There you go! I hope that you find this helpful. Also, just a reminder.. you should never pressure yourself to learn a lot of things while in quarantine just because everyone is doing it, that’s not my point here. Please, take care of yourself. 🙂

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Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Hello! Hello! Hello! How are you?

I’m so thrilled to announce that we are receiving our first-ever award called the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award. I would like to thank The Mindful Modus for this nomination, her blog is one of my favourites. She knows what she’s talking about in every post she makes, and the aesthetic of her blog is so calming and soothing.

Below are just some of the posts you’ll find on her blog.

Check out for more here.

I also want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who have been supporting my blog since day 1, we just celebrated our first milestone the other day and now we’re here. Your support is what keeps me motivated to write. This post is dedicated to all of you. Thank you so much.


1. Thank the person who have nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog.

2. Answer their questions.

3. Nominate up to 9 other bloggers and ask them 5 new questions.

4. Notify the nominees through their blog by visiting and commenting on their blog.

5. List the rules and display the “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award” logo.

6. Provide the link of the Award creator of ideal inspiration blogger award as Rising Star from 

My answers to the questions of The Mindful Modus:

  1. Which of your blog posts is your favorite?

My recent post titled ”Self-Pity: How It Can Take Over Your Life” is currently my favorite post because it a very personal topic, I didn’t think I was gonna be able to finish it.

2. What’s keeping you busy these days?

Taking online courses and getting certifications. I started it because I want to learn more on topics/issues i’m so interested in, and of course my blog.

3. What’s something that recently made you happy?

Reaching my goal on 2048! (yes, the game) I know it’s not a big deal but I was happy because of it, it’s like an achievement!

My 2048 achievement!

4. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

“This cake tastes so good.”

5. If you could teach one subject in school what would it be?

Taxes! LOL.

Now these are my questions to my Nominees:

  1. What motivates you to write?
  2. What is your favourite memory?
  3. What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve done recently?
  4. Which is the most important sense for you? Eg. Touch, hearing
  5. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

And my Nominees are:

Hope Chilinda Female Genital Mutilation

I choose her blog because her courage to talk about sensitive issues inspires me to do the same.I do hope that more bloggers will use their platform for a good cause

Camille TaboulotBook Reviews

I started reading again recently and her book reviews is actually one of the reasons why I did it.

ellesunpopularopinion 5 Must-Haves That Will Help You With Your Blog Content

Her blog is actually my go to blog when it comes to providing a quality content as I feel like we’re on the same boat, what I mean is we both just started our blog so I can really use her beginner’s guide posts.

Being Flawsome7 Things In My Wishlist Right Now

I really love the look of her blog because it’s so feminine! And her posts about fashion makes me want to try everything that was mentioned on her posts!

To my nominees, thank you for all the inspiration. I’m so interested with your answers!

ps. If you happen to get nominated by this already or you’re not ready to answer, its okay. no need to!! 💖

see yah!

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2 Vital Steps Of Your Skin Care Routine To Achieve Healthy Skin.

I won’t deny it, I’m one of the people who actually fell into skincare routine hype. Because why not? It’s time to take care of my skin.

When I started to research the basics of a skincare routine, it was all fun and cool at first. I felt so good about myself when I was doing it and felt like I’m “in” because it seems like everyone is doing it and has already established their own skincare routine. But as time goes by, I was starting to question myself. Do I even need this? Do i really need to apply everything on my face? Do i need to follow this step by step? Because if I’m gonna be honest, my skin doesn’t really have any major problems, I get small bumps from time to time but that’s it.

I really don’t think this complete skincare routine is for me, I feel like all these products just made my skin so stressed. So I eventually eliminate some steps until I end up with this two– moisturizer and sunscreen. Which for me is the most significant part of our skincare routine.

Why? Well, let’s talk about that now.

1. Moisturizing

It’s very important to establish a really good skin moisture barrier for your skin first before you dive into using all these chemicals… Most of the products that we use eg. Facial wash, exfoliators makes our skin really dry, that’s why this right here is very important.

Here is a list of overview on how important our skin barrier is. (source)

  • Prevent epidermal water loss through sustaining hydration (moisture)
  • Provide mechanical protection against environmental aggressions such as extremely cold and hot temperatures, ultraviolet lights etc.
  • Protect the body against penetration of infectious substances and microorganisms- namely, potential infections
  • Permit or deny passage of topically applied substances into the skin
  • Subsequently, to contribute to innate immune system through those protective function

Illustration between Healthy and Unhealthy Skin Barrier:

Personally, I often choose not to use facial wash most of the time. I just wash my face with water and then let it dry before I apply moisturizer. When I started doing this I noticed that my skin became a lot softer compared to when I was still using the facial wash.

2. Sunscreen

I cannot stress this enough. I know that you know how important a sunscreen is. Sunscreen protects our skin from UV rays—UVA and UVB. UVA is the one that causes skin aging, on the other hand UVB is the one that causes skin burning. Sunscreen can also be use as a defense against various type of skin diseases, UV rays is a proven human carcinogenic it means that UV rays can cause skin cancer.

We don’t always hear any news about skin cancer but actually, it’s one of the most common type of cancer in the world based on the data gathered by World Cancer Research Fund ( More reason why you should use sunscreen religiously.

Moreover, SPF or Sun Protection Factor number that you usually see on the label of your sunscreen is actually a guide that tells you how long it takes for your skin to get damage by the sun, it also gives you an idea on how much UV rays reaches your skin just based on SPF. The higher your SPF is, the less UV rays reaches your skin

Here is a guide that shows how much percentage of SPF is best for you:

There are two types of Sunscreen.

  1. Physical/Mineral Sunscreen that contains inorganic minerals such as including the minerals titanium dioxide and zinc oxide
  2. Chemical Sunscreen that commonly has avobenzone and octisalate as their main ingredients.

I actually prefer physical sunscreen as there are studies recently that tackled the harmful effects of some ingredients that are used in a chemical sunscreen. (source.)

It’s my rule to always apply sunscreen whenever I go out, never miss this step and your skin will thank you.

In conclusion, A lot of people is now focused on getting really good skin which in my opinion is actually good. But getting to know your skin first is a must, it’s important to educate ourselves before we start applying all sorts of product in our skin. Just because everyone is doing it, then you have to do it. Our skin plays a vital role in our health, let’s take good care of it. 🙂

Note: I am not an expert. My blog is solely about my personal opinions/experiences. We can have different reactions, if you need help please ask a professional.

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100 Followers + Quick Pick Activity With Me.

Hey Humans!! We made it to 100 followers last week!! HOORRRAYY!!

Thank you very much for the support. I’m truly grateful to this community. Starting a blog is already a personal milestone for me. I was very anxious because of so many things. I didn’t really expect to meet a lot of wonderful people here but I’m so happy that I did. I hope that we continue to support each other.

As we celebrate this milestone I would like to make an activity for fun where all of you can participate, this is also my way of getting to know you. Let’s call it “Quick Pick”. To join me just scroll down after my own “Quick Pick”. 🙂

Enough chitchats, let’s start! 😀

Quick Pick

1. Pets or No Pets?


2. Milk or Tea?


3. Morning or Night person?


4. Sweet or Savory?


5. Rice or Noodles?


6. Bread or Butter?


7. Peanut butter or Strawberry Jam?

Strawberry Jam

8. Rain or Shine?


9. Airplane or Boats?


10. City or Nature?


11. Surprise or Tell?


12. Ketchup or Mustard?


13. Thriller or Drama?


14. Lights On or Lights Out?

Lights Out 😉

I’m interested with your answers too! Participate on my short “Quick Pick” below or click this link. Let’s start getting to know each other! See yah!

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5 Netflix Hidden Gems You Should Give A Try

Hi! How are you doing? Flu season has already started, I hope everyone is safe and sound. Drink lots of water!

Well, I’m actually here to talk about some underrated Netflix series (or atleast underrated for me), I hope you’re not too tired on reading blogs about this because you’ll be reading another one. These series is actually under mystery/crime/thriller genre, so if you love that genre this is perfect for you!!!

Oh, also you might notice that I’m not really going to explain each series extensively because I don’t wanna be a spoiler. Okay, let’s start!

1. The Valhalla Murders (Brot)

The Valhalla Murders

First on our list is The Valhalla Murders. This Icelandic series is about murders (pretty obvious with the name) and mysteries in a certain town, I read somewhere that this was inspired by a real-life story. I like it so far, it has a potential and it also shows the beauty of Iceland which is a plus because Iceland is a really beautiful country. Really a must-watch show!

2. Black Spot (Zone Blanche)

Black Spot

This is a French-Belgian series that is about a mystery that is happening in the forest and what’s it’s connection with the number of murders inside the town and why it’s 6 times higher than the national rate. What I love about this series is how everything is connected with each other and how they play with each character to deliver a shocking plot twists!

3. Luna Nera

Luna Nera

This Italian series really got me hooked. It’s an adaptation of a book that has a same title written by Tiziana Triana. The series is about war between the witches and the church. The flow of the story was so good, and the plot twist in the end will make you really want to watch more. I can’t wait for the season 2 already!

4. Castlerock


Castlerock is a psychological horror series that is actually based on Stephen King’s works. Fun fact! One of the main characters on the first series is Bill Skarsgård who played the role of the Dancing Clown on “It” movie that is also a work of Stephen King.

5. Dark


Last but not the least is the German series called “Dark” which I truly love. This series is really a piece of work. I think I’ve watched this for 3 times already. It’s interesting how this series develop each season, and how the characters grow ever since the series started. The Season 3 will be released on 27th and I can’t really wait!

That’s it! Have you watched any of the series mentioned above? Let me know! Or maybe you have anything you wanna add on the list? I really love genres like this! So, if you wanna recommend something let me know!

See yah!

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10 Of My Favorite Feelings

Wow! I just started my blog more than a month ago and I already got a nomination for this new tag called 10 Of My Favorite Feelings. I’m still very new at this but it feels so good that someone already acknowledges my blog’s existence. Thanks Elle for this nomination! Check her blog! She posts a lot of interesting things that most of us can also relate to. ❤

The Rules:

  • Tag me in the post so that I could read your beautiful answers too!
  • List out 10 of your favorite feelings
  • Tag other bloggers who would love to do this to spread positive fucking thoughts!

10 Of My Favorite Feelings:

1. Taking Off My Bra

I always feel uncomfortable everytime I wear a bra. I think most of the girls can totally relate with this one. Taking off my bra is one things I always look forward to do whenever I’m about to go home. It is really one of the best feelings in the world.

2. Pooping

Is it weird that this one is included in my list? Well, one thing you should know about me is that I like pooping, It’s an everyday thing that I need to do. I just feel really dirty if I’m not able to poop in a day, and once I get to poop I always feel so clean and accomplished. Maybe it’s an obsession already. o_o

Also, some people feels shy or weird to poop in a public toilet. That’s not really the case for me. Bowel movement is something natural, all of us do it. I’m not bothered if I smell poop whenever I’m waiting in the line in a public toilet, I’m more bothered when people doesn’t make sure that the toilet is clean before they let someone else use it or worst– they don’t even bother flushing it. So please.. always flush, okay?!

3. Being In Nature

I’m not a city girl.

I hate all kinds of smoke. I don’t like too much noise. I hate crowded places.

I always dream about living in a place that is so peaceful and quiet. A place where all you can breathe is fresh air. I love the sound of leaves whenever there’s a wind passing by, it’s like music. I love the peacefulness of being in nature because it gives me time to think and relax. It’s like time stops and I don’t have to worry about anything else. I have this thing I do (may sound weird) that whenever I feel so stressed and overwhelm about things I just go ahead and hug a tree for few minutes and I would feel so much better after. You can try that too.

4. Showers Before I Sleep

Yes! This is also one of the feelings I love. I love it whenever I’m in a shower and I don’t need to rush (because that’s a thing I always do), the feeling of the water touching your skin and you just feel so refreshed and clean after.

5. Late Night Chill

I’m talking about instrumental music. My favorite band’s genre which is the Explosions in the Sky (you should check them out) is instrumental. I love this kind of music because you can have your own interpretation as they don’t really have lyrics, what I mean is for example I find this particular song kinda sad but some people find it happy.

Explosions in the Sky Live Performance

6. Drinking Tea

I started drinking tea recently and I totally love it. Tea makes me feel so calm and focused. In my opinion, drinking tea is like a ritual. You should never rush yourself because in order for you to appreciate it, always take a moment everytime you take a sip and try to get a feel of everything.

Drinking Tea.

7. Being Alone

I used to love going out either with my friends or family and do stuff and I always feel sad and disappointed whenever things don’t go as plan because I hated being alone or away from them. But I think now that I got older I realized that there’s a huge difference between being alone and feeling alone. I rarely feel alone because I have people who genuinely loves me but I do enjoy and appreciate everytime I get a chance to be alone because it gives me space and time to reflect about certain things.

Art of Being Alone

8. Annoying My Dogs

Ugh! I really really love my dogs, it sounds silly but I think they’re a gift from the universe that is made just for me. I think they can sense it whenever I feel sad because they will start playing with me or catch my attention. I love it whenever they just sleep on my feet, even if they snore a lot. I also love annoying them or just simply play catch with them. Everything that they do makes me feel so happy inside. I really hope that they can live forever.

9. Organizing My Things & Grocery Shopping

I’m not like “Marie Kondo”  when it comes to organizing but I do love the feeling of being organize and clean. I love it whenever my clothes is folded properly and arranged from darkest to lightest color. I love the feeling of laying on a recently changed bed sheet. I also love it whenever I go grocery shopping and I get to buy the things that I need without spending beyond the budget and getting the best deals. Things like that always makes me feel so good about myself.

10. Being In Love.

I realized that some of the things I mentioned above made me sound so weird but that’s what I really am. That’s why the last thing I want to write on this list is the best feeling in the world and that is being with someone who accepts you and lets you be yourself even if it gets weird sometimes (as long as it’s not illegal and nobody gets hurt.. that’s okay). Find that someone and don’t let them go.

People falling in love. A happy romantic couple portrait minimal design one continuous line art drawing vector illustration minimalism style


The Strawberry Snaps‘s

Ayla Boswell‘s


Harman Kaur‘s

Ava Tripathy‘s

Sheryl Gim‘s

Jamie Lin‘s

Jo Alix‘s

I would also like to know 10 of your favorite feelings but don’t feel pressured if youre not ready yet! Thank you! ❤

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Black Lives Matter

I just want to share my opinion about Black Lives Matter.

I truly condemn racism. A person’s skin color should never be a basis on how they should be treated. We’re all human that deserves love and respect regardless of our race. We should never ever put someone’s life in our hands. We have laws, lets stick to that.

I admire everyone’s effort and dedication about this subject but I also have my reservations about what’s happening right now. I want to remind everyone that we need to be in control of ourselves despite of what happened. I am talking about the ongoing pandemic, I’m worried because I feel like most people forgot about it already or does not think it’s a big of a deal and these protests/riots everywhere will not help stop the spread of the virus, it will only make it worse. It’s very irresponsible to go out there, ignore social distancing knowing that there’s an ongoing pandemic right now. Not only you put your life in danger but also the life of other people around you that could be your neighbor ,friend, family etc. The protests/riots will be a hotspot for virus, it already affected our lives so bad these past few months, we lost so many lives already lets not make it worse. We are responsible of our own actions. We humans are better than this. Please, stay at home.

Thank you.

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